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In today’s fast paced business world, the ability to connect with each other is essential. Communication is not necessarily face-to-face. In fact, due to many big organisations and MNC’s having clients and customers abroad, long distance communication has become a big challenge. While ISD is one way to contact people abroad, the amount of money spent on one call will be way too much. However, today, VOIP has become a perfect solution to the problem. It is highly preferred because the convergence of all forms of communication to the internet is now complete.

It is no secret that communication is the backbone to any business organisation. VOIP has made communication very easy for business corporations prompting many more businesses to choose them. The problems faced by business for which VOIP is used for solving are

1. Missed calls:
This is perhaps the first and the most crucial problem being solved by VOIP. Not attending a call from a potential customer is an invitation for them to go to another business organisation. But, VOIP has the solution and it is auto attendants. This gives callers information about the business and answer simple questions so the missed calls are not a problem.

2. Disaster recovery:
Having a back-up is never a bad idea. VOIP provides just that. VOIP provides call forwarding features through which we can direct calls to any device we want. This provides a true sense of business continuity and also ensures that, if the office is inaccessible due to any reason, communications won’t suffer.

3. Expansion:
Any business will want to expand their area. Communication is the one area where all businesses need flexibility. VOIP offers portability because if you want to add a new user, VOIP systems just need to plugged-in and connected to the internet and then, we are good to go. This eliminates downtime and unwanted hassle.

4. Teamwork enhancement:
Collaboration is at its peak with VOIP. Team members can collaborate for hosting meetings, online conferences etc., If the employees need to send a quick note, messaging is available as well. Multiple ways to share and communicate enhances collaboration. An additional benefit here is that clients can instantly connect to discuss problems, if any, through instant messaging, irrespective of the location of the employees.

5. Communication cost-efficient:
PSTN networks can seriously run up a bill. If the company/business frequently rely on international calls, then the bill amount can be frighteningly large. VOIP utilizes IP networks to establish and make calls. This largely cuts down the monthly costs for communication.

6. Integration addition to static systems:
With VOIP being internet-based, they have the advantage of their integration with business applications. Calls can be linked to a user’s desktop to display customer records, if necessary. Also, CTI applications can increase user efficiency. They provide a desktop application and this enables users to place and manage calls.

7. Unification of Communication:
Arguably, the biggest advantage of all, VOIP delivers unified communications. All communications being sent through IP networks, a business is able to combine and integrate their collaboration. It also empowers users by granting them the ability to work remotely more efficiently. In addition, it also allows users to stay secure with IP-based security and facility access.