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Useful FAQ’s

Though the quality is dependent on the speed and reliability of your internet compared to traditional landlines the quality of calls over VoIP phones is superior. VoIP has overcome the fuzzy and muffled calls which you can normally face in landlines through HD voice technology.

No, you don’t need to own a VoIP phone you can always rent or even buy a new one from your service provider.

No, with the integration of multiple communication tools together you will be able to receive all the features that your landline service provides and even more. You can always add services and tailor the service provided by the VoIP provider based on your need. 

A  VoIP Service Provider will help the businesses with VoIP phone systems and will help with their business communication process. They will offer various communication services to meet the diversified need of any business.

 This is a communication system that works with the help of internet to make and receive calls. In order to make the VoIP service work, you need to have decent internet connection, and a reliable VoIP service provider like Unified Voice.

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