What if all your calls were free? Like, unlimited and forever? Yes, just like you, over 348.5 million amazed people are shifting and choosing smartly now!.

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How are the free calls possible? VoIP!

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It helps you make calls over the internet by creating a telephone connection through IP. VoIP is also called as Internet Telephony, IP Telephony or Broadband Telephony. Basically, this process takes the voice signals of our telephonic conversations and converts them into little digital packets. These digital signals are then transported to the Person 2 and are converted back to voice signals again.

To make VoIP calls, you just need a good internet connection. VoIP is not limited to desktops. It can be set up in many forms including Gateways, Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs) and IP Phones. With VoIP, you can save more than 50% of your telephone bills. There are no contracts, boosters or top ups needed here – just your regular internet connection.

There are numerous advantages of choosing VoIP. We list out some of them here

VOIP Features

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  • Feature Rich – You get a lot of features with VoIP. You can make video calls and receive faxes too
  • Reduced Bills – With VoIP, your telephone bills will disappear. No tension of post-paid, prepaid or boosters
  • Crystal Clear Sound – VoIP is pretty advanced now. It supports lossless transportation of your voice so the sound quality is many times better than the regular calls
  • Innovative Features – VoIP offers many innovative functions that the normal telephone carriers lack.
  • Always Connected – VoIP can be used even in remote areas with Internet Connectivity. You can just login from your laptop and start calling or texting.
  • Cheap Resources – VoIP can be started with as low bandwidth as 10 Kbps. There are no expensive equipment or wires needed.
  • International Calls at Local Rates – With VoIP, there are no extra charges for International Calls or STD’s.
  • Upgrades – Upgrades in VoIP are transparent and simple without the need for additional hardware. You can also upgrade or downgrade as you like instantly
  • Easy to Setup – Setting up VoIP is very easy and can be done in a few steps.
  • Scalability – VoIP can be expanded or reduced with ease and hence will benefit big and small businesses alike without the need for additional wires or lines.
  • Unify Communications – VoIP brings chat, email and video calls together in one platform. All of your internal and external communications will be grouped under one roof

VOIP Integration

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  • Integration – VoIP can be easily integrate to your existing system. You can add a click to call button on a website and get your customers directly talk to you. It’s that simple!
  • Portability – VoIP can be accessed anywhere where there is internet. You can take calls on your laptop, smartphone or desktop
  • Apps Support – VoIP can be integrated into many other Apps on different platforms.
  • Easy Maintenance – VoIP reduces the costs of training, manpower, maintenance, line work and equipment.
  • Intelligent Call Routing – You can setup a customized system to handle calls. You can set up digital secretaries for you to handle your customers and to put them into the required extensions.
  • Customized Control Panel – The Network Administrator can add or remove users, add speed dial extensions and grant user permissions from a single dashboard. The settings can be changed to meet requirements as needed.
  • Remote Access – VoIP allows you to hire remote workers.They may be in the other side of the world, but your communication will be free. Also, they get a presence with a virtual number anywhere.
  • Increases Customer Support and Satisfaction – You can set custom messages that can keep your customers entertained and informed while waiting in line.