Unified Voice VOIP Solutions and Services integrate with all leading marketing platforms, so that your calls get automatically converted into actionable records for seamless follow-ups.



Unified Voice brings to you a new way of communicating that will change the way you use your Business Phone! Our services are clear and easy to understand and are way better than your existing phone system. Here we address some common doubts that you might face while coming across our Integrated Services!

Unified Communications for Businesses in chennai

Does using VoIP affect your Internet Speed?

VoIP simply transmits your calls via the internet. So, the internet speed is a main factor that decides the quality of your calls. On the other hand, an hour of VoIP call uses lesser bandwidth than an hour of Web Browsing! So if your internet speed is comfortable enough for web browsing, you can use it to call anybody with VoIP!

Can VoIP Calls be Tapped or Traced?

In this age of online crime and scandals, it is important to make sure that your phone lines are secure. Denial of Services and data attacks on your internet can affect your VoIP, so be sure to make your network secure!

Are there any Disadvantages of VoIP?

When in doubt, ask the experts! At Unified Voice, we have bravely taken you to the other side of the coin to perfectly show you the troubles you might have. We are also highly skilled in overcoming these little hurdles to bring to you a pleasant VoIP experience. We secure your network against cyber attackers with the latest and the best anti viruses. We also suggest you use call forwarding to send calls to a backup number in case of emergency power cuts or server problems.

For larger enterprises that are totallydependent on their VoIP, we implement a backup internet connection to help you during trouble. We also implement QoS (Quality of Service) on the Network to improve the overall performance of your internet calling experience – this will ensure that your voice data packets get the high priority over the other packets. We also give you options of cloud back up for easy retrieval anytime!

With the Integrated Services of Unified Voice, you are in the safest zone, intelligently supported and carefully taken care of

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voip Providers in chennai
Voice providers in chennai
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