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An Overview

Gift your callers the privilege of talking to you for free with a Toll Free Number from Unified Voice! Free for callers, these Toll Free Lines are a great way to lure in customers willing to discuss their requirements.

Toll Free Numbers are the ones that begin with 1800. These numbers allow callers to reach you without being charged for the call. Instead of them, you choose to bear the charges. We can affix these Toll Free Numbers to your Business Landline or Personal Line as you wish. Since the call is free, potential customers will be more willing to check you out!

With our 1800 Toll Free Service, you also get:

Unified Voice communication in Chennai

Research has shown that toll-free numbers help position you as a credible, successful company, and put you on the same playing field with large corporations. But did you also know toll-free numbers can aid your business by:

  • A Customized Welcome Message in the language of your choice.
  • A web interface for easy Call Log Access.
  • Extensions Mapping.
  • Voice Mail.
  • Missed Call Alert.
  • SMS to Caller (Optional).
  • Call Recording.
  • Caller Location based Routing (Optional).
  • Pleasant customizable On-hold Music.
  • Forward calls to your existing phone.
Be More Accessible

Just pick the countries and where you want to receive the calls – our team will do the rest of the job for you! You can manage, adjust and fine tune your Toll Free Number from a Web Based Control Panel anytime.

A great opportunity to connect with customers around the world! Don’t miss it!  

Toll-free numbers FAQ’s

Toll-free numbers from Unified Voice help businesses to improve the brand awareness, increase the lead generation, and enhance customer experience.

To get a toll-free number for your company, contact Unified Voice Communication. We will do the necessary producers for you and will help you with a toll-free number.

The company need to pay for the calls made by the customers. The toll-free service provided by Uniservice will help to maintain a toll-free number in a very minimal price, so that you can continue to do provide excellent customer service.

Toll-free numbers provides primary input for both the clients and customers that reflects in the sales and profit of the company. The toll-free numbers also increases the customer satisfaction that also benefits the business.

The first difference between virtual number and toll-free number is that the virtual number will cost charges from the callers, while toll-free number is cost-free. Secondly, toll-free number will start with specific codes, which a virtual number will not have.