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An Overview

Get the freedom to do more in less time with the Online Meetings Service from Unified Voice. No matter what the distance, no matter where your clients are, connect with them instantly with our Online Meeting Services!

We bridge the gap between you and your clients in an instant. In the blink of an eye, you can make your presence felt anywhere to share your visions and goals. You get to see what’s going on the other half of the world. You can talk to cool people from your cubicle and get inspired. You can make things happen a long distance away without leaving your seat. Don’t even have your desk right now?

Just use your mobile!

Call Forwarding Service for Businesses in chennai

We have carefully constructed top quality, secured and free collaboration tools that are apt for any types of online conferences. You can Video Conference and share your screen with HD Audio with 50 participants at the same time.

By choosing the services of Unified Voice, you get an easy and convenient set up that is integrated with Google Calendar and iCal. You can even invite your participants via Text Messages. And we are rock solid.

Online Meetings FAQ’s

Well, popular options such as skype are available for free and are great when it comes to chatting between friends and families. But when it comes to business meetings these free tools lack security and performance standards to that of an enterprise-grade. So going with a professional online meeting provider is a must when it comes to business meetings.

To be honest, both web and video conferencing are similar with the same objective of increasing the productivity and engagement experience. But when it comes to meeting the business standards of quality, reliability, and clarity then video conferencing is the better of the two.

Here are some etiquette tips for video conferencing.

  • Allow the members some time for setting up and shutting down the video conference.
  • Stick to time limits.
  • Remember to mute your microphone when you are not talking.
  • Take turns speaking and allow time for audio delay.
  • Don’t multi-task on camera.
  • Be aware of possible audio distractions if your microphone is not muted.

Yes, you can. You can invite people who are outside your organization to join your online meeting with ease.

With Unified Voice Communication it is. We have constructed a top-quality and secure collaboration of tools that can be used for any type of online meeting with the best quality of audio and video that is available.