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An Overview

How would you like an Assistant who’s on the job 24 x 7 without any holiday? One who sounds just as cheerful even after a long tiring day? One who lessens your workload and helps your customers? Sounds awesome?

Get your very own Virtual Assistant now here at Unified Voice. Backed up by hours of technical and software development by our expert team, the Virtual Assistant is a great way to welcome your customers and guide them to the right extension. From the computerized voice to the extension numbers, our package is completely customizable and can be modified to suit your front desk needs.

With the Virtual Receptionist, you can:

  • Set up custom greetings.
  • Always answer all calls and keep your customers engaged with information when you are busy.
  • Help your customers select the right menu by guiding them to the right number selection.
  • Re-route callers to specific departments by commanding them to dial codes as self-help for fast troubleshooting.

With the well-crafted services of Unified Voice, you customers will get their calls delightfully answered. We help you offer real, quick and meaningful help and service to your callers, enchanting their trust. We help you win in business by greeting your customer’s professionally friendly, imprinting memorable impressions on their hearts. You can route calls smartly with a few simple clicks, freeing up your time for the uber important tasks of the day. You will also cut down on costs of hiring a real Receptionist for you and save the trouble of managing his/her lines.

Virtual Receptionist FAQ’s

The virtual difference service from the Unified Voice will help in holding up the company’s image. The virtual receptionist will answer, screen your calls, transfer your desired calls, take down messages, and interact with your caller as you specify.  But a normal receptionist will just transfer the calls.

Yes! The virtual assistance from the Unified Voice is available 24/7 and will answer all the calls in the very professional manner.

The virtual receptionist will lead the callers/ customers with customized voice and will assist them with selecting the right menu.

The virtual receptionist from the Unified Voice answer every call with a customized greeting message, followed with particular instructions that guides the caller.

Sure! The virtual receptionist will be customized according and is available in multiple languages. You can choose the languages needed.