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An Overview

Call Forwarding is the process of re-routing calls to another fixed number of your choice. At Unified Voice, we combine this simple process with VoIP to give you mega powers! With our very own expert Call Forwarding Team, you can choose a virtual number of your choice for your business. When the customers call the virtual number, they get forwarded to your own mobile or landlines, letting them contact you. The virtual number can be contacted from anywhere, anytime. Your customers won’t have to worry about exorbitant International Call Rates or confusing ISTD Codes anymore!

We offer numbers for more than 80 countries around the world and that can be reached from hundreds of cities around the world. You can also choose to make the number a Toll Free Line. Our specialized Control Panel will help you customize the service as you need. Using the panel, you can:

Call Forwarding

call forwarding in chennai
  • Set up Call Forwarding to Voice Mail when you are busy or speaking with someone else
  • Set up Call Diverts to other numbers if your number is not reachable
  • Cancel Call Forwarding anytime
  • Get detailed information on the caller details, date, time and duration of call
Your number can be called by anybody from their traditional landline or mobile phone, regardless of whether they use VoIP or not. Withoutwell-crafted Call forwarding services, you gain awesome benefits for your business.

Call Forwarding FAQ’s

Yes! Using the VoIP phone system from Unified voice, you can forward the calls to any number of your choice. This feature will help you attend every calls without missing any.  

No. Call forwarding is a built in function VoIP phone system for which you do not need any type of hardware.

It will give you a complete control over the phone system and helps to build a more efficient customer support system in the organization. Call forwarding will also provide increased availability, mobility, and accessibility for businesses.

Unified Voice VoIP phone system will allow you to forward multiple calls at a time and makes none wait.

NO, it is not necessary.  You can forward the calls to phones of any combination and with any service provider.