voip Providers in chennai
Today, all businesses tend to shift to cloud-based phone services to always stay connected. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all businesses (small and large-scale) to start the work from home. However, beyond the pandemic, most businesses will start seeing VOIP as a feasible option primarily due to the fact that VOIP is the only way to keep evolving communication trends. Apart from that, the various features offered by VOIP will be a great asset to any business. A few features and benefits that VOIP is offering that can be essential and those that should be used by your business are listed below.

Automated attendant is one of the most important features. It allows calls to the transferred to the correct extension without the need for an actual receptionist. This helps clients reach the concerned person faster. The less the amount of time a person has to wait, the better their overall experience.

Call holding is another feature that is essential to all businesses. This tool “parks” a caller, disabling them from hearing anything until the call recipient is prepared to answer. Though this is useful, research statistics has proved that as many as 60% of customers hang up after a minute of waiting.

Conferencing tools became increasingly popular during the pandemic. This became extremely useful for business who found themselves working remotely. Even as employees started to return to office, a hybrid function has been experimented by the employers. However, with a large number of people in the workplace seeking opportunities that allow them to work remotely, many sophisticated tools will help the business provide the employees’ needs.

Many times, while a call is on hold, a music is played until the call is answered. This might seem like a feature that is not of much use but a study conducted by USA Business Telephone Today where it was discovered that, out of 10,000, while as many as 5200 people hung up after listening to dead air, only 1300 hung up when music was played. An astonishing 39% listened for a longer period due to the presence of music. So, investing in good quality tunes can make a difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer.

Call barging is another useful feature. It will greatly help the management of any business monitor conversations that the employees have with clients. This will enable them to see how interactions are going, react quickly to customer feedback and guide team members with real- time guidance.

The mobile application for VOIP is an essential feature. It allows us to Access to Conference Bridge, missed calls check, listen to voicemails, make calls and receive calls on your office number, intercom calls with co-workers, call Monitoring for live calls, real Presence of the employee Directory, dashboard for Call logs, call-kit with Mobile and managing the Profile. The mobile app is compatible with IOS and android platforms and can connect employees wherever they may be.

Due to the business shifting to cloud-based, platforms like Microsoft gain an edge. The CRM integration is a feature that can help any business due to its features like call recording and inbound call logs into the platform, just to mention a few. Having touched upon all this, VOIP designers are bound to include a few features in the future. Just to give a glimpse, some of the features could be mobility and 5G, Artificial Intelligence and VOIP Security. These are the features that will be useful to businesses of any size. Many tools have been made available for companies. Hence, it is essential to do a personal research to determine which service plan to choose and what features will work best for your organisation.