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While many businesses in Western Nations allow work from home, the entire world as started adapting to Working remotely or from work from anywhere ever since the COVID pandemic in 2020.

One can simply say that we are yet to scratch the surface. The work from home or work from anywhere concept will only evolve with the advent of technology and also due to the many advantages it provides. Technologies such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is taking this one notch above.

VOIP helps making remote working easier in many ways. Let’s see how VOIP Solutions and Services can help you run your business remotely, both in terms of efficiency and communication.

1. Group calls:
Group calls have become essential and a part of day-to-day work. VOIP has made it easier for communication. Now, businesses do not require any additional hardware for making group calls. Employees can now convert a normal call into a group call in an instant. Though people may miss original face-to-face interaction, this type of calling helps maintain communication and morale.

2. Virtual meetings:
Communication does not depend only on interaction. Meetings are also an important aspect of communication. VIOP allows the employers to conduct virtual meetings at any time. It also allows organisations to conduct training sessions or awareness programmes.

3. Integration:
Not having office equipment or software at home can make communication difficult. However, VOIP offers a solution to that as well. It basically integrates all multiple channels into a cohesive whole. This allows users to easily switch between voicemail, email or anything else depending upon the situation.

4. Switching between multiple devices:
VOIP allows the employees to handle calls from any device, not just the phone in the desk. During a work-from-home, employees all don’t have the same hardware. However, the flexibility that VOIP provides eliminates that problem and is essential for effective business communication.

5. Higher productivity:
VOIP ensures employers can effectively convey their instructions to their employees irrespective of their location. As employees enjoy the many benefits of working from home, they are likely to put in more effort. VOIP-based management of remote workforces’ benefits employers and employees. Some studies indicate that work- from-home may increase productivity as much as 30%.
6. Portability:
VOIP systems are completely portable. With just a plug point and an internet connection, you could communicate with the same efficiency that you used to communicate in the office.

7. Reporting and Monitoring:
One of the biggest challenges was that monitoring the employees was impossible with remote workforces. Employees could slack off and the employers would not even notice until the quality of the work was revealed as bad and the damage caused to the company’s time, effort and money was already made. However, VOID offers a tracking feature and this helps employers to check up on their employees. However, this is also protecting their privacy as this feature is a voluntary one and can only be applied when absolutely necessary.

8. Cost-efficiency
VOIP ensures that employers and employees use the internet connection for their conference calls. This eliminates telephones and also bills, maintenance and problematic area concerns along with it.

VoIP is useful and highly applicable in the current economic conditions. We started seeing in many companies VoIP started replacing traditional phone systems. VOIP enables productivity and yet balances work-life harmony by helping achieve overall profitability.

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